We consider physical training as something transversal and global. We see it as a whole, combining various parameters such as: the training technics, the mental preparation, nutrition, physiotherapy and osteopathy, massages and assisted stretching exercises, for resting time, for good concentration, and by trying to compensate and equilibrate those parameters with one another.

In order to succeed we work hand in hand with several qualified professionals in various fields, who take part of the athlete's goals and achievements. We value a direct and intimate communication with the athlete, simply by including its opinion within each decisions and solutions for its training.

Using various disciplines is very important when it comes to physical preparation, and we also work hard to keep our knowledge up-to-date with new scientific studies which can always provide excellent ideas for a good training program: we conceive our training programs from various europeans scientific discoveries such as “the eccentric work” above all with inertial pulleys (Versa Pulley, YoYo squat, Kbox), the russian belt, which allow the muscle to work with great amplitude. Concerning the eccentric work, it can create strength from the stretching and thus avoiding injuries such as muscular damages due to the lack of strength on certain angles.

Theses technics allow us to make certain group of muscles work together, as well as intramuscular coordination and abdominal stabilization. This is what the athlete needs, to be able to generate strength with its body as a whole, and not just simply one isolated muscle.

Then we measure the strength with the help of special docoders connected to the computer, reading the body's reactions and thanks to theses datas we are able to provide the most accurate training for each athlete.

We also use vibrating platforms (PowerPlate), which allow a profound work on intensity and frequency of vibrations, adjusting to the training. The vibrations also have a positive vascularizing effect that improves recovery. Moreover, they allow our propioceptor muscles to work efficiently. Thanks to theses unexpected vibrations, we train our body on a natural way which prevent us from various injuries, by activating and inactivating each muscular fibers which surrounds the joint and gives it a good stability. Eventually, these vibrations can also be used as a warm up of the muscle structure before a training session, but also within relaxing and stretching exercises at the end of a session (if that is necessary).

We also use the american training philosophy, called « The Cross Fit », essentially based on explosive trainings and suspension exercises. We can not ignore the development of what we call “the strength transfers” that is to say the full expression of the all training programs.

No need to jeopardize the athlete's health, vertebral column nor body articulations during a training session, however the athlete has to be trained within a context of competition, experiencing real life situations, in order to be well prepared and go beyond its own limits. These are the reasons why we are so keen on the american methods such as the works of suspensions (TRX, Aerosling, Rings, horizontal bar) and explosive strength (Multijumps, changes of directions, Pliometrics, Launching, Medical Balls, Ketebells, Sand Bags, etc...)

As we said earlier, the mind and the body should be considered as a whole, and the athlete has to be trained within real life situations undergoing a certain amount of difficulties. Those framed difficulties will allow the athlete to develop its very own approach of problem-solving and has to be aware of its knowledge. All these coordination, reaction, and decision-making exercises could make the athlete think at 200 heart rate beats per minute.

We have to keep in mind the very essence of our work that is the athlete's career as a whole by considering its own ability to prevent itself from daily injuries, thanks to articular compensation technics, abdominal compensations, agonist & antagonist muscular balance, work of proprioception, but also with some active, passive, dynamic or assisted stretching (based on Thai Massages), relaxing massages (based on Chinese massages) and finally with meditation, peace and concentration (based on Yoga philosophy).

To put it in a nutshell, our philosophy consists in taking the most of the world's best philosophies and to adapt them to the athlete's sports life reality, with all its intricacy by using the most appropriate disciple for each case.

We are what we do, how we train,

what we eat