Nowadays, the concept of high performance in sports means having the best results , as fast as possible. It means reaching your goal by taking the shortest and fastest way. We are overwelmed by the crazy rythm of competitions, and our results define whether we are real athlets or not, all that matters seems to be reduced to « winning » or « loosing », failure or success.

The Athlet is concidered as if it were just a manufactured object, a product. As if it had to be as performant as a robot or a machine. This attitude is a big mistake: we should not forget that a athlete is a person, a complex human being constantly evolving and expending.

First of all, each athlete has its own unique body with its very own muscular morphology and its peculiar physiology, meant for certain types of exercises. The athlete has specific physical abilities, a certain type of anatomic structure with muscular fibers more or less fast, a tangible assimilation of the physical work, a real capacity of effort, but also can be vulnerable to injuries and thus has to adjust a proper recuperation time.

Secondly, the Mind which is often under estimated, should not be forgotten for it is completely indissociable from the Body. The Mind controls all the aspects we said earlier and constantly undergoes a certain amount of external factors: how comes the perfect gesture performed during training could not be perfectly gestured during a competition? Because our performances can be altered when we are in a stressful situation, submitted to external pressures, and exposed to the public.

Neither the system, the coach, or the Science should be the main focus of the training, and even less the performance. The athlete should be the focus, for it is Science, it is the coach, and the system itself. Nobody knows a human being better than itself. No tests, no computers can replace its very own sensations. That is why is it so important that the athlete learns to know itself better, and to listen to its sensations. The best way to communicate is when the athlete gives its feedbacks to its coach.

Eventually, our main focus is to optimized the carreer longevity of the athlete, by keeping a regular and personalized activity within competitions in order to avoid an injury, because it means the end of progression, and back to square one.

The Athlete is the core of training